Monday, March 29, 2010


Is Monday anyone's favorite day? You would think after a weekend off I'd be rip roaring and ready to go but every Monday seems to be about the same. Digging for a little of that self starter stuff. Even though I'm lacking all drive and ambition today I got up after only two hits of the snooze button. Surprise, surprise. But I'm lagging in a big way. Maybe not enough coffee, maybe it's all the rain and lack of sunshine. The baby and I have been napping all day it seems. Spent some time on the floor watching cartoons and napping then spent some time picking up the kids' room only to catch a couple minutes of shut eye in there too. It must be the rain, or I'm self consciously conserving my energy for the rest of the week. Yea that's it.

I have to learn to stop reading blogs that women write who have the other half of the puzzle and a ton of beautiful kids. You'd think being single with two kids would put a halt on that biological clock that's ticking every so increasingly louder as the baby gets older and I realize I'm getting older. I know I'm not old. But in child bearing years I'm past my prime and it's all a slippery sloop from here. So what's with the gosh darn ticking. It's obviously nothing to do with my little stint on eHarmony cause besides a few friendly emails exchanges and a couple of friendly phone conversations it sure isn't going anywhere.

And look, the baby is napping again. Maybe I should join her. I did manage to put the laundry in the washer. Though I haven't touched the kitchen yet or the bathrooms. If this rain keeps up then I'll have all week to get those chores done. I need a mental upper. Or maybe that's my stomach saying I need lunch. Nah... Nap time. Tomorrow I will do Monday's chores. :)


  1. maybe your just tired. You are a single mother trying to do alot. be kind to yourself and rest. Everything else can wait.

  2. Mondays are for my least ambitious days. I work hard outside all weekend, the house goes to pot, and then Monday I'm overwhelmed by the mess.

    Your daughter is precious, by the way!