Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring is here!

Or at least it sure felt like it today. It was frozen this morning but the sun was up all day without a cloud in the sky and the temps rose. I wouldn't be surprised if it broke 70 today. My oldest is out of school today and all next week. Spring break! Which means lots of work got done today. She's such a great helper with the baby. She's a great help with chores too. I raked briars and she clipped them off, I clipped low branches and she hauled them to the goats to devour. We make a good team. The baby slid down my soon to be stairs that i dug out of the cliff in my backyard which she loved and did again. Right now they're just partially carved into the cliff so a dirt slide if the imagination says so. For a split second I thought about plastic and a hose to make it real fun but decided it wasn't quite warm enough yet and I have a long to do list to get done before I can play too much. But the idea is now planted in my head.

Today I built another hotbox and stuck tomato and pepper sprouts in it. Watered the other hotbox that holds my cole crops and yesterday made a temp chick pen for the chicks who've been living in my bathtub for about 4wks now.

It's been a busy around here. Waiting patiently for our goats to have their kids so we can learn a new venture. I've been drooling over the idea of home made butter, cheese and cream. Talk about some yumcious (it's a new word) meals.

As crazy as it may sound I now have two coffee pots programed one is my morning coffee set to go off at 4:30 (up at 4:45) and the other one is for tea which will auto brew at 9am (so it has time to cool for ice tea the rest of the day). My nightly routine consists of making sure each is set and ready to go so the next day I don't have to worry about forgetting. Brilliant or what? Now if only I could program my bread maker to have rolls ready for me. Hmmm... if I were an inventor I'd run with that one.

Speaking of rolls. I better get at it. Dinner wont start itself.

Have a great weekend! Hope you all are getting this great weather too!

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