Saturday, January 2, 2010

so the new year starts out with a bang.. or dud..

My drinking new years eve seems to have kicked off the flu that's been going around. It's been so long since I've been sick that it really caught me by surprise. Though I guess I'm not all that surprised drinking lowers the immune system and whatever is in there takes over. No it's not just a hangover. I thought so at first but it still has me down and out even now. So start the new year off with lots of bed rest and fluids.

My ex all of a sudden decided to take a dominate approach to his fathering. He's insisted that I'm keeping his daughter away from him. Those of you who know me beyond my blog know that my ex has been in the same house as my daughter damn near every weekend for the past year. (because he wont get a job and my aunt being the christian woman that she is - God bless her - has been letting him stay in one of her spare rooms.)

So although his daughter has been in the same house he's been in damn near every weekend for the past year he's not seen more then a couple hours of quality time with her. My daughter comes home hurt because he barely says hello and goodbye to her as he leaves to be with friends. He's one of the luckiest sob's I know getting to be under the same roof as his daughter so often but yet he's one of the dumbest for not taking full advantage of it and spending that time with her.

So now that he's behind in rent with my aunt he's found a couple of kids to move in with. How I don't know. So he's ditched my aunt and all the bad debt he has made in her little town and moved on to a new start. It is the new year and everyone deserves a fresh start. Right? Right.

So now even though I have no idea where he's living and he's yet to have a bed to sleep in, is sharing an apartment with a couple of kids (yes they're legal though one isn't legal to drink yet), he wants my 7yr old to be a part of his new life. *Sigh*

Unfortunately just short of kidnap and running away I have little choice in the matter.

Be forever warned: Do not make kids with anyone, when they leave you have no control over what they subject those kids to. (Yea next time I'm going to a sperm bank)

So I'm nursing my fluish/hangover, stressed over what my daughter will be subjected to next weekend and cleaning the house like ya wouldn't believe. What else is a woman to do when she's stress/upset? Cleaning house is the only solution.

What a way to start in the new year. Atleast my house will have a good start. Off to finish what I've started.

Be well, God bless.. say an extra prayer for my 7yr old (and her momma)

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