Friday, January 15, 2010

Social networking... facebook

So I created a facebook profile. I shouldn't have. It was just another way to remind myself of who's come and gone in my life. That email invite thing shows who you've previously emailed and has a facebook page. It's depressing. The "one" that got away. The baby's donor. The ex's mom.

I had a weird moment yesterday. I'm on pof. Again. That's depressing too. I've been working on my profile there so guys will know exactly what they're getting into. My profile is starting to look a lot like this blog. The wanderings and ponderings of my mind. Ramblings.

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't try the whole bar scene. Everyone has such negative things to say. ha ha. I'm joking. I'd more than likely become "the other" woman. Not that online dating hasn't taken me down that path. Oops!

I need to start focusing my thoughts on the CSA part of life. While leaving the personal stuff out.

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