Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend of cancelled dates....

I really need to get busy again, all this down time is seeing me on the bored side of content. Everyone knows what boredom does to ya, makes ya seek out trouble. Ha ha. Ok so as we grow up we're not spose to seek out so much trouble. And I don't! Not all the time anyways. And it's not the bad kind of trouble, it's just a date. Though lately dating has become hazardous to my ego and sense of humor.

That last date I had really made me stop and think. My picker is broken! What a bad conclusion to come to, even though I really could have figured that out before if I'd just done the math. Marriage - divorce + two kids divided by two donors + half a million.5 first dates - a steady bf X the number of dating disastors = me with a broken picker.

This weekend I actually had 3 lined up. Friday night was spose to be the dude from last week. But what the masses don't know he turned out to be... unworthy of a round two. Saturday night I was spose meet someone and Sunday I was spose to go fishing (not really a date but meeting someone new). I even cancelled fishing. Yea see it's that bad.

Anyways. I'm taking a breather from the whole mess. I probably wasn't ready after the last one anyways.

Farm news. My hens are laying eggs! Middle of winter. Go figure.

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