Saturday, January 9, 2010

First date of the year.. and the good, bad and the ugly

Tonight will be my first date this year. I've been out with him before. Twice already but once was just a simple meet the other we called a date. He's nice enough. Though I wonder if I really want to give up my single status. I'm starting to get comfortable with only having to answer to myself.

I got my taxes filed. Or atleast personal taxes. I will do my business taxes later. Personal taxes are great because I got smart last year and gave myself a wage. Nothing more simple then filing 1040ez. Business taxes however will take a good 40hrs to put together. Luckily I can pay myself for that time too. woo hoo.

Last week I found out my youngest (2 next month) will probably need surgery on her back to fix a growing weakness. When she was born she had a handful of birthdefects. One was part of a vertabrae behind her 3rd or 4th rib didn't form right. Now it's becoming problem. If left alone it'll eventually cripple. What a way to start life. Since I was 16wks pregnant with her I've had one worry after another with her.

9 days in. Whew what a start. Not sure the good outweighs the bad in this case.

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