Tuesday, December 29, 2009

rhyme and reason...

When you live a life that isn't 9-5 or set on someone else's clock it can sometimes be hard to put your to do list together. The when's are not as signficant and it's easy to get lost in all the what's.

You may find yourself making a schedule and trying to stick to it but things are not that simple because with out living by someone else's clock you have more flexibility and more room for forgetting (that 1pm lunch break got passed up and now it's 3pm).

Or you take the opposite route; you know what you need to do and you just hack through your to do list with the only direciton being to get it all done. That works to a point until you realize that the vacumming isn't done and the kids are now in bed, or you realize that those vita/worming/vac/med you're spose to give the livestock havnt been done yet and it's 10pm.

So the challenge is to piece together each day like a puzzle. Where you start and end up is a learning curve. Some start on the outside and work their way in. Some start with the easiest parts then work their way to the harder stuff. Some just wing it all the way through.

One week you find yourself making lists, the next you find yourself following someone elses suggestion, the next you find yourself behind with no direction written out..

Know the feeling?

Goal for the new year... put some rhyme and reason into each day.

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