Sunday, December 27, 2009

counting down to 2010

It seems as if every year about this time I think "wow where has my year gone". Does that ever cross your mind? I think about last Jan; what was I doing then? What did I do all summer? I think about some of the things my kids did this past year. The things they've learned and tried.

I think of some of the similarities between now and 12 months ago.

This year is seeing another ltr end with confusion. Ofcourse it was so different then last year that there's no way I could have seen it coming. I didn't write down all the dates I had in between like I use to do. I did however have 3 dates from eHarmony. (yet I'm still single) Beginning of the year saw it ending with Chris. Feb till March saw me burning up minutes with Scott; eharmony's cutest Kansas farmer. then the coyote hunter. Dan; nice guy just way too pushy. Brian; eharmony's old and insecure. Mr. Hyde; the correctional officer. Aug till Nov Jeramie; he'll teach me never to settle for less. I even got a date with George (fantasy come true) I'm sure there must be a date or two in there I'm missing but those are the most memorable.

I spent 7 or 8 weekends camping this year. Not bad. I spent atleast 3 months of weekends hunting this year. Not bad. I didn't fill any tags but sure had some fun. Spent one day catching crawdads, spent one night camped out eating crab. Walked miles upon miles following game trail, bear scat and gravel log roads. Only spent about 2hrs lost. But I wasn't really lost just a little late. Confirmed that finding a hunting partner is just as difficult as finding a life partner and I should be just as picky.

My oldest turned 8 this year and the baby 1 (she's 22 months right now). My youngest healed from her surgery and is growing out of her problems. My oldest is becoming very independent and dependable. My two girls make me want to try for a boy but yea I think that'll wait a couple of years. October saw me standing back on my own two feet. No more public assistance for me! August and September saw me making plans for starting a Garden Share. This is what will help see the kids and I through 2010. I've some big plans. Though I guess to most, my big plans are pretty small. March will see me adding a couple of hives to my farm. Porklets and if I can talk the neighbor into it maybe a side of beef. Poultry. A couple more rabbits. I love this self-reliant thing.

Yea this past year has been busy.

Living, loving and planning for the future.

(Now to secure a date to watch the new year come in.)

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