Monday, December 28, 2009

3 days 14 hrs and 50some minutes...

Atleast that's what my count down clock says. Sundown for another year. Sun up for a new one. This time of year I start to feel the need to change something, end a bad habit, start a good habit. Change something in an attempt to make it run a little smoother for the next year.

This year I'm reminded of my divorce. The person I was when I walked out of that relationship. The person I became since then. It feels like it's been forever. 5yrs since I filed (though it took longer for it to become legit). I feel like I should be filing for something and waiting for it to become legit.

There was one word that helped me from being a lost lonely co-dependent exwife to who I am now. Reinventing. I decided who I wanted to be and made a game plan to become that person. Here I am. Though I feel like something's still missing. I feel a need to reinvent me again. Though I'm not sure to what extreme. Last time it was easy because it was a total reinvention. Now I think it'll be more subtle.

Wake up earlier, work harder, self reliant, independent..

The game plan? Take what I've done so far and take it to the next level.

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