Wednesday, December 30, 2009

decluttering and rearranging... 1 day 12hrs and 16some minutes..

In my house it's not unusual for me to have 4 books, numerous magazines, note pad, pen, paperwork, cup (of whatever), laptop, next to my favorite chair. I have a tendency to work even when I'm resting. While most of my actual paperwork gets done in the office and most of my garden planning, etc is done on the desk top I find it hard to just sit still and not be doing something to do with the farm.

As I'm walking into the house from being inside I tend to set tools, gloves, hat, etc. down on the closest counter, Next to my bed is another couple of books or misc reading material. The breakfast nook tends to have some project on it, the dinning room table is almost always half covered with half folded laundry that got left to do somethng that required more immediate attention.

The garage has a corner full of wood of varying lengths shapes and sizes that "might come in handy" and occassionally do. My garden shed has managed to turn into partial storage for all those boxes that "might come in handy", beer bottles that will get filled eventually, extra lawn ornaments.

Know the feeling?

Things pile up, stack up get covered up and left for another day or for later. Eventually you take a look around and realize why you havn't invited company over for 4 months.

The solution? Make neater stacks? Declutter at the end of the day? Find a better place to put it?

New task to take on in the new year... declutter and rearrange to make everything fit more efficiently?

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