Monday, June 22, 2009

What I do now a days?

So what have I been doing since becoming unemployed as a housewife? I’ve been reinventing myself to fit the role of a farmer, single mom and student. One of these days I’d like to get into the housewife role again so I date too (it’s been a real adventure). I’m now sure that being mom and housewife is what I was meant to do.

Farming, even my little 2 acres, a few alpacas and couple of chickens has been a real challenge. Something I wish I would have planned better for, though I love the challenge it’s another thing I’m certainly not a natural at. It’s a learned skill I guess (a lot of learned skills). Although it’s been hard I wouldn’t change my new lifestyle for anything. The housewife part is still a goal but I like the country lifestyle enough to want someone who’s likeminded.

Anyone who's been thrown into the single parent gig knows the challenges that come with it. For those of you who have a SO don't take them for granted. It's amazing the difference between having a lazy spouse and having no spouse. You might be surprised how much your spouse did even though you couldn't think of it at the time. Even as simple as running to the grocery store for milk is a task that is taken for granted when you don't have to pack up the kids just to do so. Though some of us had moments when spouses did nothing, there were also moments we can all look back on that we took for granted at the time.
Then the task of learning a new career to help support your kids and yourself (or for some just yourself). After a couple of years I went back to college. Picking a career can be a daunting task for some. Going back to college as an adult is not the simplest task. Finding financial help is sometimes hard to do, child care, and just time to do home work can be a real challenge.
So now days along with the house chores, there's single parenting challenges, struggling with learning a new lifestyle all while learning a new career. (and a date now and then)

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